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Pardon our Dust

We are working on improving and setting up our infrastructure, bare with us for the time being and continue to spam memes in our discord or teamspeak server ts.frequency9.com
Welcome to Frequnecy9

Here are a few questions and answers regarding the community.

1. What happend to Gaming-Empire?
- Nothing! It is just Frequency9 now. We did not want a .net domain for our community as we are not a network and did not want people to think we are.

2. Why did you leave VoltageGaming?
- We left VoltageGaming as we understood that the community was shutting down. We did not want to spend any more money, time and effort trying to save a community that was already in it's grave.

3. VoltageGaming didn't shut down?

- We know, we are as shocked as you are. We were fed lies and rumours that it was. However we will not be returning to VoltageGaming as we have something unique over here.

4. Why should I join this community?
- We are different. We do not Steal, Lie or sugar coat things. We tell it how it is. We do not have closed doors on matters that concern the community on how it works.

5. Who are the leaders of this community?
- Jamie, Tappily and Wheaty

6. I would like to join but join as staff, can I do this?
- Come talk to Jamie, Tappily and Wheaty and we can discuss this with you!

7. The Past?
- We do not want to talk and look back to the past all the while, what happened can not be changed, so lets look into the future.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask!